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    What makes us different from other companies on the market?
    Knowledge and experience

    Professional and efficient crew is an essence in forwarding. With our help your cargo will reach it’s destination, safe and fast. Our drivers fulfill the highest standards for this task and our fleet is in impeccable condition.

    Responsible and safe

    Effective trade won’t survive without professional support of a trusted transport company. Working with us you get guarantee of security. Your cargo will be transported with well-prepared vehicle supported by telematic system. Trusting our over 25 years’ experience you will reach clients in Poland or abroad.

    Would you like to get to even more clients?

    Get the advantage on the market!

    Modern economy creates various obstacles for suppliers and receivers. On one hand we have great market full of opportunities, on the other hand it requires precise and safe reaching of the destinations. Optimization for costs of supply to get advantage on the market, requires from you to be flexible and uncompromising. Transport and forwarding gives you so many possibilities!

    Ask us about an offer!

    We’ll help you increase effectiveness of your sale and safe transport of a cargo.

    Specializing in international transport and forwarding we came up with, great deal structure for every customer.

    Transport of full truck loads

    With this option you get all trailer space, for your needs, we adjust parameters of the trailer to size of a cargo, then it goes straight to the recipient. Time of shipment depends of the destination.

    Transport for part load truck

    Cargo occupy part of the trailer, rest of the space is occupied by different cargo, then it goes straight to the recipients. Time of shipment depends of the destinations.

    Transport of dangerous materials

    Material classified as dangerous for people, property and environment, requires special treatment. Those type of cargo must match European ADR standards, if you want transport such material, contact us.