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    Our company if based on three fundamentals

    Potential and experience

    For 20 years we gain experience in this branch of business, we acquired great expertise. The main area of our work is entire Europe. Our fleet is constantly getting bigger and modernized.

    Quality and safety

    In our ranks, we have crew of experts and trusted technicians, with diagnostic support. Administering such large fleet, we are fully operational and open for new challenges.

    Honesty and Competence

    In our work we follow ethic code, along with honesty and clear rules of cooperation. Competence, reliability and respect for law – those are indispensable attributes for us.

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    ACTING back in the day…

    Our adventure with transportation has started in 1989, in first couple of years we’ve decided to expand our offer with international forwarding, it appeared as great strategic movement. At the time, we’ve established cooperation with multiple firms in Poland and centers of international trading known at the time. In a blink of an eye we reached many clients in Germany and Netherlands as well as in other countries in western Europe.

    Success became an engine of our work and all our actions, shortly we started buying our own truck tractors and trailers. We started complement fleet of vehicles, which now is quite big.

    Next strategic movement was, to add offer of oversized cargo transportation which requires special permissions and piloting. After that we decided do add offer dedicated for dangerous material transportation, pointed in ADR convention.

    ACTING today

    Today our services are well known in entire Europe, our trucks can be seen on many roads in many countries. Today our company works in association of multiple partners which creates potential for further recommendation. This shows, how our reliability and professionalism earn interest on market.

    We know how innovation is important nowadays, that’s why with growth of our company, we improve information system that support our actions. Telematic improvements allow us to track our trucks and cargos online. We receive information about work status of a driver and exploitation parameters of the vehicle. Incessant expansion of our company allowed us to extend our real estate.

    Our Crew

    Success comes from people, in 25 years we gained enormous experience in administering the firm. Many certificates are proof of that, our aim is to expand even more.

    Head Board and Managers

    With great experience and knowledge about forwarding, they administer entire fleet.

    Support department

    Team of qualified specialists supported with high-tech diagnostic equipment.


    Trained , with all necessary certificates and current medical examination. They also take part in many trainings and courses.

    Personal Assistance

    Legal Adviser, Health and Safety Inspector, Auditor destined for drivers and transportation, ADR Adviser and IT support.